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Youth Development

Investing in the well-being, education and capacity of our youth is essential. Young people observe carefully the behavior and attitudes of the adults around them. Our current culture is struggling to identify and effectively address the needs and aspirations of our youth. This is an attitude we cannot afford.

What we have identified as important qualities in our relationships with the children and youth we work with is the adult’s capacity for presence, authenticity and care. Young people can see right through you, they know if you’re present, they know if you’re authentic and they know if you care.

Because it addresses all three areas of concern our research and development programs are focusing on the understanding and cultivation of mindfulness as a unifying theme. When we train our youth in the skillful application of mindfulness practices, we not only equip them to handle the stresses of our modern times but we also sow the seeds for them to grow into adults that we can cherish and the following generation can truly lean on because our youth will be present, will be authentic and will care.

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