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A Bridge

A bridge is a symbol that seems to best illustrate what my life and work is about. I was born into a multi-cultural and multi-racial family and have grown up internationally experiencing many different viewpoints and cultures. My education and training has been both in traditional Eastern spiritual contexts, as well as modern Western academic contexts.

We’re living during a time when humanity is coming together and is desiring to understand itself. The ongoing exchange between Eastern and Western traditions of learning offers many possibilities for human development and ongoing personal and societal growth. Bridging mindfulness practice, awareness and contemplative insight from Eastern traditions with fast paced, modern life in a Western culture is what my life entails and what my personal background, as well as my educational background, has prepared me for. It is my wish that this site may help you explore and discover some of your own bridges, between who you are, where you come from, where you’re going and what you might be able to contribute to the world around you in the process.

Even though my work includes research, education, youth development, leadership development and entrepreneurship, it can be said that it is really focused on three areas of the human experience. Number one: Love, and the cultivation of love as a quality of understanding that helps us go beyond the illusion of separation. Secondly, Prosperity and the cultivation of prosperity as a quality of being and doing that helps us go beyond the experience of fear and lack. Thirdly, Freedom and the cultivation of the quality of freedom as meaning freedom from negativity and suffering.

Every life gets touched in some way by the presence or absence of Love, Prosperity and Freedom, and through my work I aim to contribute to their ongoing, peaceful expansion.

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