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Buddha Dharma

It is safe to say that Buddha Dharma is a source of great joy for me. Nowhere have I found an understanding of the human condition, its unlimited potential and the systematic path to its organic ripening and maturation more clearly expressed than in the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama aka The Buddha. I am humbled by the intention and accomplishments of my own teachers and their life examples. I strive to repay their kindness by helping those around me enter the path to liberation whenever a sincere interest is expressed or a natural Dharma seed ripens. My life is of service to make sure these teachings will be available to our children and their offspring, for generations to come.

On this site you will find links to resources that can support your own independent study of the Dharma as well as links to teachers and organizations I would be willing to send my own children to, knowing they’d be in good hands and receive loving, compassionate and wise training.

Dharma Friends, Teachers and Organizations

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