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The Mindful Leadership Conference

We had a great Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference this year. I was a co-host and presenter alongside 35+ of the worlds greatest Mindful Leaders.  It was the first time ever that we ran this event and I’m really glad we did. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a reality. Make sure you join us next year, March 1st, for this 10 day, free online conference.


Buddha Dharma

Resources that can support your own independent study of the Buddha Dharma.

Secular Mindfulness

Resources that can be of tremendous value to you if you are aspiring to live a conscious, purposeful life.


Resources that have been selected for their scientific value and rigor, and their contribution to the field.

Leadership Training

Resources on mindfulness based leadership to empower extraordinary people to be extraordinary leaders.


Resources to understand entrepreneurship as a potential vehicle for great personal development, significant professional impact and lasting spiritual transformation.

Youth Development

Resources to awaken and nurture your child’s or teenager’s potential, and provide encouragement, clarity and focus during your child’s most challenging years.

Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation
on School Children

Once Dawa talked about teaching mindfulness in private and public schools…


Raising Awareness for Mindfulness with Children

Marco Polo & Jeff Bridges for The Institute of Compassionate Awareness

In 2015 European clothing manufacturer Marco Polo will again be joined by Acacemdy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges to produce a line of t-shirts to raise awareness for mindfulness work with children and raise support for The Institute of Compassionate Awareness. Uma Thurman will model the women’s collection.

The shirts are being sold in stores Europe-wide and online, and carry Jeff’s hand drawn versions of Dawa’s original and uplifting t-shirt designs to tens of thousands of people around the world. We are currently seeking a U.S. distribution partner. Stay tuned.


“Dawa Tarchin Phillips is the real deal. He is an authentic and experienced master teacher, researcher and scholar, and highly accomplished in the skills of personal and organizational transformation and the principles of success. An unusually innovative and visionary thinker, Dawa can open your eyes to what it means to live your fullest human potential and lead with purpose, vision and resolve. After all, it is results that count, whether you need personal leadership development, insightful organizational development or individualized coaching for yourself or your high potentials. Dawa sees the big picture and has the expertise and skills to help you get there.”

Jack Canfield
CEO, The Canfield Training Group

“I deeply respect Dawa’s work, integrity and vision in the field of conscious leadership, cognitive capacity, emotional intelligence, and youth education and mindfulness. His leadership knowledge and research has captured the attention of respected leaders, health care professionals, and teachers worldwide. As an author for McGraw-Hill Publishing in New York, and as a platform speaker and facilitator, I highly recommend the work of Dawa Tarchin Phillips. I am, therefore, available at anytime to endorse him or to provide necessary testimonials.”

Anne Bruce
Best-selling author and speaker

“Dawa Tarchin phillips ranks among the most competent, authentic and trustworthy people I know. He has world-class expertise in the applications of meditative methods like mindfulness to the problems of people and organizations, and an intuitive well grounded wisdom that benefits executives and their companies alike.”

Daniel Goleman
author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus

“Looking back across my career as an organizational psychologist in business and higher education, I have worked with many brilliant, successful leaders, scholars, and professionals. Dawa Tarchin Phillips stands tall in this elite group and possesses the ability to connect with people instantly, evoking the kind of trust and confidence that allows openness and deep exploration of individual or organizational challenges. He appreciates everyone and is intimidated by no one.”

Douglas McKenna
original architect and General Manager of executive and leadership development at Microsoft

“Dawa Tarchin Phillips holds within himself an extraordinary combination of qualities: deep spiritual presence that reaches directly to the spirit, combined with a wise and sophisticated sense of guidance and organizational structure required to fulfill the remarkable ventures now in the works. This double genius he manifests makes of him a uniquely valuable consultant and guide. I highly recommend him, knowing how fortunate you will be if you work together with him.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard
President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Empowerment Holdings

Empowerment Holdings

In a world of business that is constantly changing, your composure and focus are priceless. You will leave with powerful motivation and accountability to get the results you want!



The Institute for Compassionate Awareness – Our community outreach programs and youth initiatives are designed to support positive human development and help those in need.

Co-Founder of UCSB Center of Mindfulness and Human Potential

Co-Founder of UCSB Center of Mindfulness and Human Potential

Research to the effects of secular mindfulness meditation training on the cognitive abilities, social adjustment, emotional intelligence, delinquency and academic performance in school children.

Bodhi Path

Bodhi Path

Bodhi Path centers and dharma groups provide instruction in meditation and Buddhist philosophy.

Human Dignitees

Human Dignitees

A design project of conscious apparel. Designed to uplift and remind you of the many great qualities of being human.



The Transformational Leadership Council was founded so leaders of personal and organizational transformation could support each other in their contributions to the world.

Journey to Peace

Journey to Peace

A collaborative strategy game for the whole family, class room or board room. When it comes to peace, it concerns us all.

Head for Peace

Head for Peace

108 ceramic heads created by Jeff Bridges will be sponsored by individuals who share the intention to embody and promote peace around the world.