Learn how to become a 21st Century Leader... 
...reduce your anxiety, worry, fear & stress... 
...become more present and communicate more efectively... 
become emotionally competent, empowered, focused and successful.

Inspire and influence others wherever you go!
Mindful Leadership Breakthrough 
Maximize Your Potential while Cultivating Resilience and Inner Peace.
Discover how professionals like you, managers, executives, directors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches and consultants across the globe harness 
the latest insights from mindfulness, compassion and neuroscience 
to solve the toughest challenges they face as leaders!
Maintaining a calm, open and mindful state as a leader can be a challenge in the very noisy, distracted and rapidly-changing world we live in today.

Perhaps you feel challenged, overwhelmed and stressed as a leader and you ask yourself "Could there be a better way to handle this situation... this relationship... this project...?"

Or maybe you're feeling a mix of exhaustion, disillusionment and frustration at constantly being the one to clean up others’ messes - yet a part of you still must go on because you do care passionately about creating a better world, building a better future and improving your performance, and the performance of your family, team or organization.
That inner guiding voice nudging you on is true, can be a more open and authentic leader than you currently are.
That’s why I’d love for you to join us for my Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System. I will help you fast-track your personal and professional development and performance through the powerful combination of mindfulness, neuroscience and leadership. 

You will joyfully build character, civility and clarity, and consistently improve your performance while learning how to remain calm and focused at times when negativity threatens to disrupt your peace of mind and progress.
Here's What You'll Get Out Of 
The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System
This course is about much more than just leadership at work, in business or your career. It is not just for people in professional management or supervisory roles. What you will learn here will help you in all areas of your life beyond work too, including your personal relationships, health, family life, and your ongoing relationship with yourself.

This seven-week online program provides the crucial elements vital to your personal leadership success and will expand your own capacity.

Key Insights

I personally teach you the most recent findings in human development and performance breakthroughs and show you how to apply it in your life and leadership.

Practical Exercises

You will gain access to many simple, practical exercises throughout the course that will help you master the material, develop deep insights into your personal situation, and create your own mindful leadership style.


You will instantly be provided with additional downloadable audio files, easy-to-follow workbooks and transcripts to aid the learning process, and to help you on your journey to becoming a more mindful leader.

Lifetime Access

Once you purchase the course you will receive a module a week for seven weeks, with all the bells and whistles. And you can re-watch any lessons as much as you want, in your own time and from the comfort of your own home,  and from any supported device.


The program is divided into seven week-long modules. Each module consists of a series of 10-15 minute short, easy-to-digest and intimate video lessons.

Master the leadership and mindfulness skills you need and experience breakthroughs in your life and leadership today. It's that simple and that good, and I will help you get there.
Here's What You'll Learn to 
Become a Mindful Leader
The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System is broken down into seven core training modules over seven weeks, meaning you will be served a module a week. Each module consists of short video lessons, MP3s, transcripts and workbooks/Fun Sheets. Here are just some of the key takeaways you’ll learn from this powerful course:
How to overcome stress in life and in the workplace
See the big picture. Stress is one of the biggest barriers to good health, success and high performance. In this module you gain clarity on what stress is, how it works and how to effectively address it using mindful leadership, both in yourself and for your family, company or team.
How to build your emotional intelligence
 Leaders have been discovering more and more the importance of understanding emotions when it comes to successful leadership, influence and persuasion. This module teaches you about what emotional intelligence is and isn’t, how it works within the framework of Mindful Leadership, and how you can build deeper, more productive relationships with the people you most need to connect with, reach and inspire.
How to grow patience in life and business
Patience is one of the most underappreciated leadership skills in business and in life. Many people think that just “waiting” constitutes patience and then feel frustration and sadness, and miss important opportunities in life and business. This module teaches you a different level of “awakened” patience, which will completely transform how you approach your productivity, contribution and leadership success.
How to move beyond limiting habits
The difference between excellent and mediocre leaders often comes down to habits. 
Bad or mediocre leaders are unaware of the habits which limit them from reaching their full leadership potential. This module breaks down the biggest mistakes and most limiting habits of bad and mediocre leaders, and explores how you can create the exceptional habits that make mindful leaders thrive.
How to effectively manage change and transitions
The one thing that’s certain in your business and your life is change. How you manage change and transitions  in your life determines what outcomes you will get. This module explains how mindful leaders manage change and transitions, and how you too can navigate it better in order to get the most favorable results in your life, while expanding your capacity and leadership capability.
How to deal with failures 
and setbacks like a pro
Experiencing failures and setbacks can be painful. If you allow yourself to open to these experiences when they occur, you will emerge with a powerful new state of learned effectiveness. This module teaches you the kind of failures and setbacks leaders can expect to face and how to leverage these opportunities for powerful personal and professional growth.
How to make mindful decisions under pressure
Leaders make important decisions. As a leader you are often asked to make these decisions when you have only incomplete or partial information. The tools of mindful leadership can help guide you in making the best possible decision during these scenarios. This module shows you how to draw upon your full leadership potential and skill. Preparing you well for your next challenge.
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Within 24-48 hours of asking a question during this course, you'll have a response from our team of leaders, your fellow students, or Dawa himself.
Community Support
During this course, you will have access to our private FB Group where you can interact with other leaders like you, share ideas, get feedback and connect with each other.
Spectacular Support From Dawa’s team
If you have any urgent challenge you need help with, Someone on Dawa’s team will be there to provide answers. So you'll always have the support at your fingertips.
Meet Your Teacher
Dawa Tarchin Phillips, is the co-founder of the Mindful Leadership Online Training Conference, the world's largest online conference for Mindful Leaders. He is a mindful leadership expert, teacher and author, serial entrepreneur and global consciousness leader. He is the Founder/CEO of Empowerment Holdings, and co-founder of the Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential at the University of California Santa Barbara and co-founder of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (501c3). Dawa completed two 3-year meditation retreats and teaches mindfulness and meditation, spiritual awakening, awakened business and awakened leadership around the world. 

Dawa is a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders, and a leading voice in the global mindfulness movement. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, Forbes and Fast Company. He lives with his family in Santa Barbara, CA
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This Program has to the power to profoundly change your life and business in 2018. That's not hype - that's based on results from our past clients who stayed in action.

We're confident that if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value. That's why we back this up with a 100% risk free money back guarantee.
Test Drive the first two modules of Mindful Leadership. If at the end you don't feel we've delivered any value - just email our support team within 30 days, show us your completed course exercises and we'll issue you a full refund. No questions asked. 

The reason we request your completed coursework is simple:
We want to work with people who are committed to taking consistent action to make a difference in their own and others' lives. We devote a lot of time, energy and care to create our programs and to the leaders who sign up, so it's vital that you are as committed to this as we are to you and your success.
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"Mindful Leadership is what we need to transform our society at this time. I hope many more people enroll into this training."
Entrepreneur, Professional Coach
"The course is very well organized, clear and with good visuals! Dawa made it very easy to absorb the lessons and I appreciate that."
Small business Owner, mother
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We want to get this transformative course into the hands of as many people as possible in 2018, so we are keeping the price of admission very affordable for the new year!
Endorsement from Respected Industry Leaders
CEO, The Canfield Training Group
"Dawa Tarchin Phillips is the real deal. He is an authentic and experienced master teacher and highly accomplished in the skills of personal and organizational transformation and the principles of success. An unusually innovative and visionary thinker, Dawa can open your eyes to what it means to live your fullest potential and lead with purpose, vision and resolve. After all, it is results that count. Dawa sees the big picture and has the expertise and skills to help you get there.” 
Best-selling author and speaker
"I deeply respect Dawa’s work, integrity and vision in the field of conscious leadership, cognitive capacity, emotional intelligence, education and mindfulness. His leadership knowledge and research has captured the attention of respected leaders, health care professionals, and teachers worldwide. As an author for McGraw-Hill Publishing in New York, and as a platform speaker and facilitator, I highly recommend the work of Dawa Tarchin Phillips. I am, therefore, available at anytime to endorse him or to provide necessary testimonials.”
Author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus
"Dawa Tarchin Phillips ranks among the most competent, authentic and trustworthy people I know. 

He has world-class expertise in the applications of mindfulness to the problems of people and organizations, and an intuitive well-grounded wisdom that benefits executives and their companies alike.” 
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System about?
The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System is the culmination of years of research and practice in mindful leadership. It is a comprehensive online training that spans the course of 7 weeks and includes all aspects of creating a Mindful Leadership practice for yourself and your team.
How does the course work?
When you enroll in the course you’ll receive a welcome email confirming your registration. You’ll have access to the course introduction and the week 1 learning material. Every week you’ll receive a new email with course highlights and access to the next week's learning module. As you receive the modules you’ll have lifetime access to the course. 
I enrolled in the course, how do I access my login info?
●  Click here and then enter your email.
●  You will get an email response by the system titled: "Reset password instructions".
●  Enter your own password (8 character minimum) and you are on your way! Click the course name on the top left to enter the website.
●  If you get an 'email not found' error, please be sure to enter the email that you used to order the course.

If there's still a problem please email:

Can I access the videos, audios and workbooks on my mobile device, iPad or tablet?
You should be able to access the videos and audios on any mobile device and iPad.
I have not received a confirmation from the course. Am I enrolled?
Immediately after you signed up for The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System, we sent you an email with the subject line "IMPORTANT: Welcome to the Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System" If you have not received this, please check your spam folder, promotions/events inbox in case it was misplaced. If you are unable to locate the confirmation email anywhere in your mailbox, please click here and follow the instructions.
Is there a refund policy?
If for any reason The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System doesn’t meet your needs or expectations, please email to cancel your membership. A full refund is available within 30 days after purchase.
I have a different question…
Please make sure that your question is not answerable by one of the points above. Then click here to send an email to our support staff. We strive to answer each email within 24-48 hours.

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We want to get this transformative material into the hands of as many people as possible, so we are keeping the price of admission very affordable for the time being
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