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'Awakening Presence Meditation'
Connecting to the awakened state of mind with global spiritual teacher Dawa Tarchin Phillips
Explore the Natural Freedom of Your Awakened Mind with 
10 Rare and Precious Minutes of Powerful Guided Meditation Practice. 
Not all teachers and guides are alike. Hear Master Dharma Teacher and global Spiritual Leader Dawa Tarchin Phillips speak directly from innate wakefulness and effortlessly guide you into the free and peaceful present moment.
  • Let go of all stress - Feel the complete wholeness of this present moment
  •  Tap into a deep wellspring​ of authentic spiritual wellbeing
  •  Unlock an infinite source of​ wisdom, healing, power and understanding
  •  Experience awakening at your fingertips daily
Receive Instant Access to A Special 10 Minutes Guided Awakening Presence Meditation
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"Dawa Tarchin Phillips ranks among the most competent, authentic and trustworthy people I know. 

He has world-class expertise in the applications of mindfulness to the problems of people and organizations, and an intuitive well-grounded wisdom that benefits executives and their companies alike.” 

Daniel Goleman, Author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus
"I deeply respect Dawa’s work, integrity and vision in the field of conscious leadership, cognitive capacity, emotional intelligence, education and mindfulness. His leadership knowledge and expertise have captured the attention of respected leaders, health care professionals, and teachers worldwide."

Anne Bruce, Author of True North
"Dawa Tarchin Phillips is the real deal. He is an authentic and experienced master teacher... After all, it is results that count. Dawa sees the big picture and has the expertise and skills to help you get there.” 

Jack Canfield, Author of The Success Principles
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