People don’t grow in isolation. We share ideas, inspiration and encourage one another to take steps towards our goals. Over the years we have received repeated requests to create infrastructure to work and play professionally on a larger, at times global, scale. For those who desire to be part of the conscious lifestyle tribe we’ve created this membership area that allows you to take classes, read articles, build your skills and move your vision forward. We are in the process of completing this set up but registration is now for the first time open to the public. Please bare with us for any services that are not yet immediately available.

Join today and be part of a growing global community that seizes today to be the best day yet and that invests in their learning and growing to manifest its full potential for the benefit of everyone.

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Leadership Focus & Mindfulness (Sponsored by Empowerment Holdings)

Signing up for our Leadership Focus & Mindfulness subscription gives you access to live, in-person Q&A sessions with Dawa Tarchin Phillips and other handpicked mindfulness and leadership experts. These group sessions are held from around the world and feature ongoing discussions on pressing individual leadership questions and other important topics related to Leadership Focus & Mindfulness.

Buddha Dharma Social Club
for the Expansion of Consciousness

A special opportunity to join Dawa for a weekly 30 minutes online Q&A about Dharma practice, bi-monthly 30 minutes live online meditation sessions (join from anywhere around the world), 30 minutes monthly online aspirational prayer sessions, weekly inspiration e-mails, access to Dawa’s audio & video archives, access to other handpicked teachers audio & video archives, access to our Frequently Asked Questions, and an online community of likeminded people including chat room.